Writing your resume can always be a challenging task because there are many situations in which we want to get as much information in there as we can and this can be counterproductive.

There are also many issues when it comes to the way that we present ourselves in our resume and in this article we are going to tell you exactly what kind of mistakes you should avoid when you are writing your CV.

Writing useless information

This is a huge mistake that is being made by hundreds of people is that they think more is better when the truth is that more usually means that you have nothing really good to share.

The best resumes are the ones that contain the very best accomplishments that a person can make and those are the ones that matter the most.

If you feel like you don’t have too many relevant accomplishments for your resume, you should still avoid including those 2-day diplomas that you got by attending a seminar.

Those are quite meaningless to most job recruiters and they are basically interested in knowing what you have done in the past and what kind of skills you have that can be useful in their business.

Get a good email address

There are many reasons why we say this. The first one is that there are way too many people out there who are using all kinds of email addresses that are not proper for looking for a job.

If you can secure your own domain name for your emails that would be great and it would make you look more professional, but if you have no choice but to use a free service, we recommend that you create one that looks good and uses your name or initials.

Avoid too much embellishment

There is nothing wrong with making your resume look as good as possible and telling things in a way that makes you seem like a very skilled and reliable prospect, but try to avoid going too far with things that seem to be over the top.

Be genuine and if you lack enough experience in the field you are applying for work, you can always mention that you are interested in learning as much as you can from those with more experience and this is going to make you seem more valuable because you want to learn and you are looking to gain experience.

Give a brief description of your personality

This is an important thing to do, but make it quick. Let them know that you are outgoing and that you are a friendly person who dislikes gossip.

Those are the kind of things that make your paper more valuable in the eyes of recruiters. If you do like to gossip, we suggest you do not mention that because no one likes to hire that kind of individual.

Grammar mistakes and incorrect contact information

Always make sure that you double-check all of the information that you type on your resume. The last thing you want is an email that has a missing word or a phone number with an incorrect digit. It’s important that you always check your resume for grammar and punctuation issues.

Your resume would give a terrible first impression of your skills and your habits if it contains errors.


Your resume is going to be an essential art of the process that will help you find a good job. You have to be able to make the most out of your resume and you need to give every section of it enough time and careful thought.