Chen, University of Southern California
Los Angeles, USA

I am originally from Suzhou – a place most people can’t locate on a map. USC was the best option among all other US colleges. Why? The school is an especially affordable choice for students from China. And it offers an intensive English Program for ESL students.

I entered the Computer Science department as I loved programming and wanted to build my own apps.

However, I was unpleasantly surprised when apart from the courses I was interested in, such as Digital Logic, Video Game Programming, Operating Systems and Computer Graphics, I had to study Humanities and prepare a lot of essays and papers.


chinese student game developer

Chen, Video Game Developer


My writing skills were awful. Really. That’s why I decided to get help with my papers online not to be expelled from college.

I ordered essays online and spent free time developing my professional skills.

By the age of 20, I had uploaded my first app on the App Store. I knew I had to learn more skills, so I continued to get help with my papers online.

Thus, every day I had additional three hours to practice programming skills.

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Jennie, Brooklyn College
New York, USA

During my first semester at college, I found a Marks&Spenser application for a Customer Assistant role. They offered a nice salary, about $10 per hour, plus 20% stuff discount.

It was a wonderful chance to build a successful career in a great company. The only thing that stopped me from applying was the academic workload.

Essays and various projects took so much time, so I didn’t know how it was possible to manage everything. Until the time I found out about Essay Dune.

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I was nervous but it didn’t stop me from applying. Now I’m a Sales Manager in M&S and recently have employed my two group-mates.

By the age of 21, I had finally become self-sufficient with my well-paid job by this time. My group-mates tried to compete the deadlines, prepared tons of papers and all other stuff they wouldn’t need in real life.


business woman manager

Jennie, Sales Manager in Marks&Spenser


At my particular school, the School of Natural and Behavioral Studies, a great focus is put on the scientific research. And a sufficient research takes a loooot of time.

It’s important to realize that we all need help sometimes.

Therefore, when I was short of time to prepare a paper on my own, I reached out for help. It allowed me to concentrate on my work and never worry about the homework.

“Why should I use an essay writing service?” you ask. To be confident in your future. While my group-mates can’t find a job after graduation, I pursue my dreams of becoming a Functional Department Manager.


Kabir, Bucks New University
Buckinghamshire, UK

Coming to Great Britain from a small Indian town was a culture shock for me. I tried to get used to the campus daily life and British style of living in general.

Believe me, it was really hard at the beginning. However, I did my best and visited all lectures and classes in my Business and Management course.

I took everything seriously because my parents had high hopes for me.

The biggest challenge was to cover all expenses. In several months, I realized that I needed to find a job. I started working at a local pizza restaurant and earned even more than I expected.

However, I didn’t have time for studying and my grades were bad. I was worried that I could be expelled from school.

My father told me if I fail, I’ll be practicing my ‘business skills’ at a tea stall in Kolkata.

I didn’t want to upset my parents and decided to get help with my homework online. I didn’t give up a job and ordered papers from a writing service.

As a result, I continued to develop my professional skills and spent free time for gaining real-life experience.


Indian General Manager in pizzeria

Kabir, General Manager


Now I’m 21 and I’m a General Manager with great leadership skills. I mentor our winning team of 25 people and grow professionally every day while my group-mates have difficulties with finding the first job after graduation.

While studying in a foreign country, you’ll need support along the way.

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I am now thankful to my fate that one day I found Essay Dune writing service. I have a diploma and a well-paid job. I earn enough money to support my family in India. My parents are proud of me.